Safe Streets and Cycling

Kevin knows that cycling and walking are the most environmentally friendly and healthy transit options. Kevin will work to significantly improve the current and dangerous cycling and pedestrian infrastructure. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, the Spadina and Bathurst bridges as well as the Spadina ‘pedestrian trap’ under the Gardiner Expressway. Kevin will also work with developers, city staff, and residents to ensure that all new developments are cycling-friendly, safe, accessible and follow Vision Zero guidelines. 

Kevin supports a separation of the Traffic Enforcement division of the Toronto Police into a new Transit and Traffic enforcement service which would be staffed by special constables with powers of arrest. The city has seen daily incidents of near misses, injuries, and sadly, deaths, of pedestrians and cyclists due to a lack of enforcement of traffic violators at the community level. We also need enforcement of road rules such as on the King Street Pilot. While there may be diverging views on the pilot itself one thing must be clear that road rules must be obeyed if we are to have safe and secure streets and communities.