Protect our Buildings from Floods

In August, Toronto experienced 3 separate days of extreme weather resulting in flooding, the worst we've seen since 2013. While many were affected, the largest impact has been in the downtown core, specifically buildings. Many experienced flooding, with damage to roofs, pipes, parking facilities and vehicles. 

Currently, the City of Toronto has programs in place to assist but all of these are focused on single family dwellings, townhomes and buildings older than 1985. This leaves the vast majority of downtown core residents unprotected - this is unacceptable.

Whether or not your building was hit, we have and will all be impacted. We should all be taking action now to prepare for the next flood or extreme weather event, because it’s not a matter of if but when.
— Kevin Vuong

Condo Business’s Michelle Ervin spoke with Kevin and the Insurance Board of Canada for key takeaways from the #TorontoFlood, you can read it here: