Thank you to our incredible volunteers, supporters, and donors.

Together, our grassroots campaign knocked on 50,000 doors and finished as a frontrunner. We elevated key issues that led to concrete action. This is only the beginning - we will continue the work that we have started to make our community better.

This is for you. #YouBelong



Meet Kevin


As the Canadian-born son of refugees from the Vietnam War, Kevin knows what it’s like to roll up his sleeves and get things done. He lives by values of hard work and perseverance and is dedicated to celebrating the diversity of Toronto.

A former banker and University of Toronto law school graduate, Kevin is currently a Lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine’s Translational Research Program at his alma mater, and serves as an Officer in Her Majesty's Royal Canadian Navy.

Kevin has held many leadership positions within our community including:

  • President of the Board for the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto;

  • President of his Condominium Board;

  • Chair of the Southcore Residents Association; and

  • Board Director for Friends of Fort York & Garrison Commons.

His leadership efforts have not gone unnoticed. For Kevin's service and impact, he has been named one of Canada’s Top 30 Under 30 and Her Majesty the Queen’s Young Leader for Canada, among other honours.

Building on his years of professional leadership, Kevin has worked with developers and the City of Toronto to provide services for vertical communities such as building wider, accessible sidewalks and minimizing noise during construction. Kevin advocates for improved transit and is building bridges within the community by founding and leading the King Street Eats initiative.

Kevin’s focus is building a community that is safe and liveable; where residents are engaged, local businesses are supported, and disadvantaged communities are provided with opportunities to thrive.

Together, let’s work to make great things happen!