Transit and TTC

Kevin understands that the TTC is essential to connecting ward communities. Kevin is committed to working with all levels of government and city staff to speed up the construction of the downtown relief line, which is needed urgently to reduce dangerous overcrowding on the TTC. Kevin also supports transit innovations such as the King Street Pilot, for which he has played a leading role via the King Street Eats initiative to promote rapid transit and local business. Kevin will also work with communities and fellow councillors to ensure Toronto’s beautiful Waterfront is well-served with improved and accessible transit options. 

I’d like to hear more about your transit priorities! Please contact me to share your thoughts!

Safe Streets and Cycling

Kevin knows that cycling and walking are the most environmentally friendly and healthy transit options. Kevin will work to significantly improve the current and dangerous cycling and pedestrian infrastructure. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, the Spadina and Bathurst bridges as well as the Spadina ‘pedestrian trap’ under the Gardiner Expressway. Kevin will also work with developers, city staff, and residents to ensure that all new developments are cycling-friendly, safe, accessible and follow Vision Zero guidelines. 

Do you know of a particularly dangerous cycling or pedestrian area? What about other pedestrian and cycling safety priorities? Please reach out to let me know! I want to make our community the most cycling- and pedestrian-friendly ward in the city!

The Rail Deck Park and Green Space

Kevin knows there is a community green space deficit downtown and that residents deserve world-class green spaces to be enjoyed by citizens from all neighborhoods. Kevin strongly supports the development of Rail Deck Park. If elected, Kevin will do his utmost to ensure that this project gets built on-time and on-budget. 

Beyond the Rail Deck, Kevin will work tirelessly to ensure that residents have first-rate green spaces for local community programming, social gatherings, activities, and new and improved ‘off-leash’ dog parks, making our downtown community a home for everyone. 

I’d like to hear more about your green space priorities! Please contact me to share your thoughts!

Property Taxes

Kevin knows you work hard for your money and wants your tax dollars spent responsibly. Kevin will be a strong champion at City Hall for the responsible and effective use of tax dollars. Kevin believes that the best investments of tax dollars are made with input from the citizens who receive city services – YOU!

Additionally, Kevin will work with the city and province to explore how to improve the current property tax system to ensure predictability and fairness.

I’d like to hear more about your property tax priorities. Please contact me to share your thoughts!

City Hall and Community Benefits

Kevin supports local democracy, increasing civic engagement of community members, and wants to give all citizens a greater voice in decisions that are made in our community. As such, Kevin supports the principles of participatory budgeting. 

In addition, Kevin will ensure that all community benefits directed to our neighbourhoods due to zoning bylaw changes (via Section 37 of the Planning Act) stay in our neighbourhoods. Kevin will dedicate resources to ensure S.37 opportunities are acted on by city staff in a transparent, effective, and responsible manner. Kevin will also involve community leaders and residents at the earliest possible stages to guide these investments. 

I’d like to hear more about your city service priorities! Please contact me to share your thoughts!

Environment and Climate Change

Kevin knows that climate change is real and that human activity is the primary cause. Kevin understands that Toronto’s downtown core communities are critical to reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions, addressing climate change, and building resilience in order to effectively adapt to the effects of climate change.

Kevin supports the TransformTO initiative and is dedicated to ensuring its implementation and funding. Kevin will work to extend the Home Energy Loan Program to vertical communities both for individual owners and corporations/boards. 

I’d like to hear more about your environmental priorities. Please reach out & share your thoughts!