Announcing Our Campaign for Ward 20

Kevin Vuong, community leader, city-builder, and son of refugees from the Vietnam War is running for City Council in Ward 20. 

This morning, Kevin Vuong registered to run for City Council in Ward 20 in the 2018 Toronto Municipal Election and issued the following statement: 

Good morning, 

I love Toronto. 

As the son of refugees from the Vietnam War I know how much this city has given me and my family. Because I love this city, I have spent much of my working life supporting activities, organizations, and communities, to make our already great city even better. 

Over the past year, friends, colleagues, and in some cases even complete strangers, have told me that City Council needs more people who truly want to listen to, and work with, communities to get things done. Some have even suggested that I should run. 

While flattering, I wasn’t sure City Council was a place where I could best spend my energy in working to make our community better. And this is in part because Council has a reputation for waste, pettiness, and inaction. 

However, after hearing about the frustrations of so many of my neighbours, and after seeing the desires of so many to build, maintain, and enhance our communities go unfulfilled because of elected representatives that are either unresponsive, consumed by their own personal agendas or both. Today I have filed my papers and am absolutely thrilled to announce that I’ll be running for City Councillor in the newly created Ward 20. 

This community is one that I know best. It’s where my life is. It’s where my heart is. Ward 20 is where I know I can best work on the critical issues facing our residents from improving the safety of our roads and cycling infrastructure, to working with residents to make sure vertical communities are welcoming, affordable, accessible, and inclusive homes. Ward 20 is also the place where I can best champion urgently needed projects like the downtown relief line, Rail Deck Park, and so many others. 

Thanks to all the hard working and committed Torontonians of Ward 20, and thank you Toronto for allowing my family a safe haven when they were in need, and now for giving me the opportunity to stand before you today as I take the next step in my journey to serve our community. I most humbly and sincerely, look forward to being the first representative, and advocate, for the people of our new Ward 20. Let’s get to work! 

Thank you. 

About Kevin Vuong: 

As the Canadian-born son of refugees from the Vietnam war, Kevin knows what it’s like to roll up his sleeves to get things done. Kevin lives by the values of hard work and perseverance and is dedicated to celebrating the diversity of Toronto. A former banker and University of Toronto Law School graduate, Kevin is currently a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine’s Translational Research Program at his alma mater and is an officer in the Canadian Forces Naval Reserve. 

Kevin has held many leadership positions within the community including President of the Board for the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto, President of his Condominium Board, Chair of the Southcore Residents Association, and Board Director for Friends of Fort York. His leadership efforts have not gone unnoticed. For his service and impact to his city, country, and the Commonwealth, Kevin has been named one of Canada’s Top 30 Under 30 and Her Majesty the Queen’s Young Leader for Canada. 

Expanding on his years of leadership, Kevin has worked with developers and the City of Toronto to provide services for vertical communities such as building wider, accessible sidewalks and minimizing noise during construction. As a DiverseCity Fellow, his team built bike infrastructure in the Lawrence Heights & Neptune community that created training and jobs opportunities for at-risk youth in the skilled trades. Kevin also advocates for improved transit and is building bridges within the community by founding and leading the King Street Eats initiative, supporting local business and transit. 

Kevin’s focus is building a community within Ward 20 that is liveable and vibrant where residents feel engaged and heard while ensuring that the disadvantaged and underserved communities in our Ward are provided with opportunities to thrive. 

Be heard and let's work together to build our community.